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Hi, I'm Amja, Founder and Creative Director of Amja Unabashedly but more importantly I am Mother, artistic Lover of Life, Motivational Speaker, slash Therapeutic Art Life Coach and anything else my creative mind decides to be. 

I welcome you to Amja Unabashedly, my artistic space where I use love and multimedia in my art to create pieces that are uplifting, energetic and urgent.

My art pieces reflect and embrace my journey; exploring and unpicking the themes that envelop domestic abuse while simultaneously sharing messages of love and growth. 


Amja Photp 

After being stalked and attacked meters from my former place of employment and trying to navigate what I call the "Intangible Proof of Domestic Abuse", also know as contextualising the invisible, I was diagnosed with PTSD and literally my identity was stolen.

On my journey to piecing myself back together, I was asked to be a part of an art project run by Advance Charity and where Visual and Performance Artist Rachel Gadsden invited me to tell my story on canvas, what became was my contemporary art piece "Perception" which tells a story of my vulnerability, pain, truth, survival, growth and how my creative expression manifested into healing, and how Perception manifested into the birthing of Amja Unabashedly.


Perception by Amja Unabashedly 


"Perception" contemporary art by Amja Unabashedly, exhibited at Tank Gallery London, for the

See-Her - Healing through creativity project with Advance Charity and Visual and Performance Artist Rachel Gadsden






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Vision and Mission

Amja Unabashedly is where love, art and inspiration empower people out of domestic abuse and other trauma.


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By mixing my love for creative expression and motivational speaking, my vision is to create art and unabashed conversations and spaces in which people impacted by domestic abuse and other trauma are empowered to use their self-love as the stepping stone to reclaiming their freedom, joy and purpose through the power of creativity.


 Amja Unabashedly Million Women Rise 2020


My mission is to use love, and creative expression to advocate for change, and provide the world with art, lifestyle products and training with empowering messages so that people impacted by domestic abuse and other trauma can feel loved and empowered to move from simply surviving to inspired growth that enables them to thrive endlessly.
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I invite you to become a part of the Amja Unabashedly family and brighten up your lifestyle with my art and...

“Let Art Be Your Becoming”.


Love and Light Infinitely



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