We Are The Masterpiece

We Are The Masterpiece

We are the Masterpiece

As an artist I often get caught up in the mansion of my mind, opening up doors to the creativity portal...Okay, okay, I know that sounded a bit artisty quirky (no shame) but you get my drift.

Anyway, anyway, one of the challenges with being a creative is perfectionism.

Perfectionism is so deceptive and can subtly block the pathway to real good artistic out put.

The way in which many of us get caught in the abyss of perfectionism is by listening to other peoples expectations of what we should be creating and thinking that everything needs to be perfect for it to be of value.

For example. some of you are creating art by making pleasing others the primary reason for doing the art when in actual fact you should be allowing your natural ability to guide you artistic hand, eye, ear etc. first and foremost, and that is even when doing commissions, because you have been commissioned for that special something that comes only from within you and is represented in your unique style of art.

A few things to help you knock down the creative block that is perfectionism is to accept that everything in the world is beautifully flawed from the wonders of the Pyramids and the Taj Mahal to the great works of Sonia Boyce and Lynette Yiadom-Boakye and yet the beauty in the creative expression still moves people to travel thousands of miles to see the art.

Another thing to remember is that all of the famous artist started from a beginning place of unknowing and continued trying even in the thick of uncertainty; smudging graphite pieces, dropping paint all over the canvas by accident and getting the fingers seriously wrong. 

Some artist have said their greatest work come from something that initially presented as a mistake.

Trust your self and your art. Try not to be burdened by perfectionism because the reality is that from the time you and I were born it was in our DNA coding that we are the masterpiece because we come from the energy source that is Creation and creativity is our birth right.

Please comment below and let me know your thoughts.

Now go creative freely because you can, but only if you want to.

Let Art Be Your Becoming.


Love and Light Infinitely




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"Let Art Be Your Becoming"

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