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'Amja Speaks' are unabashed conversations where I take you on an artistic journey, unpicking the themes that envelope domestic abuse and the associated trauma like  fear, anxiety, depression and Imposters Syndrome to name a few, while simultaneously sharing messages of 'Hope', 'Love', 'Empowerment', 'Growth' and the power of 'Creative Expression'.

Amja Speaks at the Advance Charity's 16 Day's of Activism for their Talk About Abuse Event


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AU Workshops

"Re-Birth Your Ikigai"

A Re-Birthday workshop where participants get to explore the Japanese principle of 'Ikigai', use creative expression and fun to rebirth life's purpose.
In four steps Amja Unabashedly will help you identify what you LOVE, what you are GOOD AT, What the world NEEDS and what you can be PAID FOR, while having fun.
Objective: To encourage attendees to identify their unique purpose and to acknowledge that they are more than their experiences of trauma.

Using the concept of Ikigai, which roughly translates to’ your purpose’, attendees will take 4 steps to finding their Ikigai.

Modality: A workshop where attendees will be coached into finding their purpose using words and creative expression.

Expected Outcomes: • Attendee will have identified their unique purpose • Had some creative fun • Created an evolving Ikigai Vision Board to take away.

ReBirth Your Ikigai
"Let Art Be Your Becoming"

The "Let Art Be Your Becoming" workshop supports attendees to use creative expression in a therapeutic way to tell their story, their way.

With gentle encouragement, Amja Unabashedly provides as safe space on canvas for people to explore their feelings.


Let Art Be Your Becoming

Objective: To encourage attendees to use creative expression in an uncontrolled way to tell their story, their way.

Modality: A course where attendees will be coached to use art in a therapeutic way.

Expected Outcomes: • Attended will have had an opportunity to tell their story their way. • Had some creative fun • Created an art piece and learnt art therapy practices.


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"Let Art Be Your Becoming"


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