Let Art Be Your becoming

Here is Where Art and Inspiration Empowers

Amja uses love and multimedia in her fine art to create pieces that are uplifting, energetic and urgent.

The fine art pieces reflect and embrace Amja’s journey, exploring and unpicking the themes that envelop domestic abuse while simaltaneously sharing messages of love and growth.

​Furnish your lifestyle with inspiring, empowering fine art in Hahnemühle prints, apparel and homewares.

"Let Art Be Your Becoming"

Spread A Message of Loving Kindness

Amja Unabashedly has created beautiful prints and cards from original art works so that inspiration can become a part of your every day experience and the experience of those you love. 

The prints and cards contain visual messages of loving kindness; the ultimate social empowerment.

Here is where holding your heart saves lives

Amja Unabashedly has partnered with the Woman’s Trust Charity which is a specialist mental health charity, providing free counselling and therapy for women who have experienced domestic abuse. 10% of all A Heart To Hold print's sold goes to the Woman's Trust Charity so they can continue to provide invaluable support and save women's lives.

Wear Your Heart On Your Chest instead of your sleeve

Sometimes, to the best way to say how you feel is to get it off your chest, and you can do just that with Amja Unabashedly apparel.

The t-shirts, sweatshirts and hoodies are the ultimate stylish art to wear.


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Hi Amja Art, I absolutely love what I have ordered. I will definitely be ordering more and I've already had people ask about them, I have directed them to your site. Your art is so unique and inspiring. Thank you so much.

Irene Ajriin

I was so excited when my Amja Art delivery arrived. The colours are so vibrant and the meaning behind the artwork is so inspiring. Thank you Amja, I'll recommend you to everyone in my tribe.

Fayola Sian