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When The Universe Talks To Me I Listen

When The Universe Talks To Me I Listen


The above image is part of my vision board that is one my work station and I see it for a large percentage of my day, so it serves as a constant reminder for me to appreciate the stillness around me and observe.⁣

Universal speech doesn't have to be audible, it could be that feeling like you should or shouldn't do something or when you are around a particular person you feel a particular sense of comfort or discomfort. To me, that is the Universe talking to me.⁣

Our intuition is a connection to Universal energy and is a way of guiding us to what serves us best.⁣

Try not to ignore your intuition, that gut feeling, as some of us like to call it, is making you feel that way to pay attention for a reason.

Just to be clear, it doesn't mean something good or bad is going to happen when you get that gut feeling it simply means pay attention.⁣

On a separate note, if you are feeling unsure and you have a vision board, go take a look at it so that you can stay on track to whatever it is that you have chosen to experience in your life because what you see is likely to give you clarity and rid the uncertainty.

If you don't have a vision board you don't have to wait until that latter part of the year to create one. In fact, you can plan some time today or this week to make one.

How to Make A Vision Board

  1. Write down 5 words that immediately come to mind when you think of the best version of yourself.
  2. Choose the word that resonates the most and then look for images in newspapers, magazine, online and on Pinterest that relate to that word.
  3. Get some A3 card of foamboard, glue and adhesive tape.
  4. Cut out and/or print the images then start creating your vision board.
  5. Work your way through your list of words and before you know it you will have a vision board with resonating intentions.
Collage art and visualisation are the way to the best version of yourself, so start creating today.

♥ Let Art Be Your Becoming ♥⁣

Love and Light Infinitely⁣

Amja ♥💫⁣

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