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Art has the profound ability to transcend boundaries and touch the deepest parts of our souls, revealing truths and potentials we may have never known. Through my work, I explore and channel this transformative power to empower women to envision and create the lives they want to live and love. 

Each piece I create is a celebration of freedom, rebirth, courage, joy, adventure, and, most importantly, self-love. I believe that art provides a mirror to our innermost selves; our inner-child, allowing us to explore who we are, who we want to be, and the boundless possibilities of our journeys.

My art speaks to the indomitable spirit within every woman, encouraging her to break free from societal constraints, embrace her authenticity, pursue her dreams with passion and give herself permission to live her hearts vision.

Freedom is a recurring theme in my work, symbolized by a fusion of figurative and portraiture artworks; women in various moments of emotion, enhanced with abstract backgrounds, representing the limitless possibilities that lie ahead. Rebirth is captured through the cyclical nature of nature itself and the concept of meditation and yoga as the connection to purpose.



Courage is interwoven into the textures and bold hues, urging women to confront their fears and barriers with bravery and strength. Joy echoes through vibrant colors, shimmering metallics and playful compositions, celebrating the simple yet profound moments of happiness and delight.

Self-love, the cornerstone of my work, is depicted through reflections, gentle embraces, and tender self-portraits, affirming the importance of cherishing one's self-worth and beauty. 

As you engage with my art, I hope you feel inspired to embark on your own journey of self-discovery, to embrace the beauty of your own narrative, and to craft a life that reflects your true essence. May you find in my art the courage to dream boldly, live freely, love deeply and "let art be your becoming".


 A little about me

I‘m a lover of life, self-taught artist, mother to 4 amazing children, (who I call “Womb Gems”), and a multifaceted creative; poet, vocalist, public speaker, and Ambassador for Women’s Trust, the specialist Mental Health Charity providing free counselling and therapy for women who have experience domestic abuse. 


After navigating what I call the "Intangible Proof of Domestic Abuse", which translates to contextualising the invisible of coercive control, I was diagnosed with PTSD and literally my identity was stolen.


On my journey to reclaiming my freedom, I was asked to be a part of an art project run by Advance Charity, and where Visual and. Performance Artist, Rachel Gadsden invited me to tell my story on canvas, what became was my contemporary figurative artwork "Perception" which tells a story of my vulnerability, pain, truth, survival, growth and how my creative expression manifested into healing. "Perception" gave birth to what people know as Amja Unabashedly; the creative wellbeing hub, where love, art and inspiration empower.




Amja with "Perception"


Perception. Contemporary art pice by Amja Unabashedly

Contemporary artwork "Perception" repurposed in AU (Amja Unabashedly) lifestyle items


 Amja Speaks "Let Art Be Your Becoming" at the Sands End Art And Commuity Center, Fulham for the opening of their “Survivors Thriving Thorough Art” Exhibition.


By mixing my love for creative expression and motivational speaking, my vision is to create art, unabashed conversations and spaces in which people impacted by domestic abuse and other trauma are empowered to use their self-love and the power of creativity as stepping stones to reclaiming their freedom, joy, and purpose.


Amja speaks the power of healing through creative expression.


My mission is to use messages of self-love, compassion, courage, freedom and creative expression to advocate for change, and provide the world with fine art, and use the imagery of the fine art to create lifestyle products and self-love themed resources with empowering messages, so that people impacted by domestic abuse and other trauma can feel loved and empowered to move from surviving to inspired growth that enables them to thrive and curate the life they want to live and love.


Amja's art at Hammersmith and Fulham's "Survivor's Thriving Through Art" exhibition. 


Amja Unabashedly using her art to advocate for the end of domestic abuse.

 Amja with her art marching at the Million Women Rise in Central London